15 Small Habits That Are Improving My Health

As I approach my 30s, I have learned to be more conscious of my health.

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“Honestly, I might be one of the healthiest persons I know.”

“How could I have abnormal labs, when I am so healthy?”.

“I do all of that and more… I exercise 7 days/week, eat a high protein diet, and eat out 2 x week max, that should be more than enough to be healthy… (right?)”.

These are the 15 habits I have been trying to incorporate into my life.

Become conscious of all levels of YOU (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, medical…).



Licensed Therapist, Blogger, YouTuber, Journal Creator & Seller. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhVM6HTbv7xiRztMTYNldw

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